Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keyboarding For The Christian School

Computers are a daily part of our life here in our home, and I really want my children to learn to type with accuracy and speed. So I was very happy to receive as part of the CREW:  Keyboarding for Christian Schools (for grades 6th and up) and Keyboarding For The Christian School Elementary Edition  (for K-5th grades).

 "Keyboarding is another term for Typing.  These tools will pay for themselves many times over as your student utilizes this valuable skill for success at school and work while instilling Christian values."

 Now do not let the title "for the Christian School"  put you off, this is a very good program and easily used for homeschooling as the lessons stand alone.
These are e-books that you download and print for your child to work on. The lessons start by learning proper form such as where to place your fingers on the keyboard. After you learn basic form, the other lessons introduce new letters.  The lessons are easy and take only 15 minutes to complete. I really like this program and I have found that my children enjoy the learning process while using it.

This curriculum Keyboarding for The Christian Schools includes everything your students need to accomplish in a basic typing class, and additional lessons on the following word processing skills:
Enumerated lists
MLA Reports
APA Reports
Cover Pages
Personal and business letters
and much more...

The Elementary Edition which is more colorful, includes typing letters, keyboard symbols, numbers and some basic word processing skills.

The best part of these books is that our children are learning easily AND they are typing Bible verses for practice!

Check out some of the free samples HERE

Keyboarding For The Christian School sells for $15.95
Keyboarding For The Christian School Elementary Edition sells for $12.95

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Worship Guitar Class

As part of the TOS Crew I received for review Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class volume-1. This is a DVD course with book and designed for ages 10-adult. The core training is on the DVD with the teacher taking you through the beginning steps of how to play guitar.
Jean Welles has a masters degree in guitar performance and is a worship leader in her church. She shares her story and how she is inspired to share Christ and worship through her music. The first lessons explain the parts of a guitar and how to tune it corectly, then the next lessons are on different chord progressions with a song to be learned with each lesson. Songs taught are: My All and All, More Precious Than Silver, Lord, I Lift Your name On High, and more.
There are also practice sessions for each song, these give more tips for playing the song and are slowed down for the beginning leaner.
By the end of these lessons your student will have learned to play 7 worship songs, 10 chords and 6 strumming and finger patterns.

My husband is also a worship leader and guitar player, and my son has been begging to learn guitar so this was a "gift' for him! I decided that as I am NOT musically inclined, (though I LOVE to worship) I would hand this over to him and my here is what he has to say:  Hi, Bruce here and I love this program!  I love the fact that it is all about worshiping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  The scripture references, the way the material is presented, the tone and everything about this program is top notch.  My son is learning the best way to play the guitar, and that's to play to honor and exalt Jesus Christ. If you have ever wanted to learn the guitar, this program is for you! Jean Welles says it best, on the very first page of the book at the top, in a written banner that states "Learn to worship our awesome God!"  This could be the very resource you need to take you from wanting to learn to play guitar, to actually playing the guitar. Jean Welles also has a wealth of additional materials when you are ready to take the next step beyond this program. Please take a look at her website:

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