Monday, August 24, 2009

Sense and Sensibility Review

Sense and Sensibility is a company that sells original vintage patterns by Jennie Chancey. Jennie is a homeschooling mom who has been designing vintage dresses since she was 14.

For my Homeschool Crew I had the privilege of reviewing the Edwardian E-Pattern and E-class bundle . Ok I was a bit nervous about this as sewing brings back some bad memories of my 8th grade home Economics teacher telling me how bad I was at this sewing thing! I have done some sewing since then with more "horror stories" than good ones :) But I really love sewing and these pattern at Sense and Sensibility are beautiful, so I dove in with anticipation as after all this bundle had a class.

First the download of the pattern, it is 25 pieces five across and 5 down. You lay them out on the floor (or large surface). I did have a bit of difficulty in lining these printed pattern pages as the printing does not go to the edge of the page. they must be trimmed and the lines, lined up taping as you go. My perfectionist tendency arose here, but really this is not a problem, the pattern when cut out worked perfectly.

The best part of this bundle for me was the E-class. Jennie talks you through with a power point showing pictures of her sewing. Plus she has videos of some of the trickier things. These videos are awesome! I watched them till I "got it" then so easy to go back to the class and follow along. I was able to finish the apron with no problems and was so excited and happy I made a second and am also working on a 3rd one for my little grand daughter! This class will also teach you how to make your own double fold bias binding so you can natch your binding to the apron material. the instructions are very good, but my girls really wanted to choose a colored binding with the material they had picked out.

The Sense and sensibility patterns are beautiful and the classes are so well done that they took away my fear of sewing. I have a success. My girls love their aprons and already want more than one! I am going to try a dress next!

To order this E-bundle for $24.95 go to Sense and Sensibility here. Enjoy your sewing experience and have a beautiful apron to prove it.

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Hanna and Isabel in their Edwardian Aprons. I used the contrasting

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