Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rocket Phonics

I have received some wonderful curriculum to review on the crew, but I have truly prayed for a reading program that would help in a number of ways. first I have some struggling readers that are very discouraged and second I have to teach three 5 year old boys this year. I also still have two girls that are working towards that independent reading stage. that means I have 7 very different children needing to be working on reading!!! My answer came in the program that I have been blessed to review: ROCKET PHONICS.
"Rocket Phonics is a research-based, scientifically proven method of teaching reading. Hands down the best phonics program available today, it’s fast, fun, easy-to-use, over three times as effective, and half the cost of competing programs. Rocket Phonics is so effective your child could be reading by the end of the very first lesson!
Created for children ages 4-10, Rocket Phonics turns reading lessons into a world of fun with games, riddles, jokes and classic stories.

Perfect for children of all learning styles, even very active kids. With Rocket Phonics readers go from non-reader to 5th grade reading in two years or less".
So whats so different about this program? The initial teaching alphabet (ITA) uses a different approach. Instead of teaching the 26 letters of the alphabet and the many sounds they make, the child learns the 36 ITA sounds. This is done with the play and learn cards. These cards have the letter or letter pair and a picture to represent the corresponding sound. Once these sounds are learned through games like bingo, go fish and letter leap Your child will begin blending, and moving on to using "helpers" to read. Helpers are used with the non-phonetic words, as a prompting system and it is really simple!
The system looks like:
Now this is were this programed just "shined" for us. My struggling readers got it! They could read AND understand what they had just read, because they did not have to struggle to sound it out. They could spend time comprehending what they read without reading the same passage over and over. This was a real boost to their confidence. Eventually these helpers are phased out as the student progresses and the words are learned.
I love this program! I will be giving updates as we go through Rocket Phonics this year and will share how my readers are progressing. I have a feeling this will be the one that will allow them to soar with their reading.
What's The Cost For This Incredible Program?
For only 3 payments of $54, you and your children
can experience
the magic of Rocket Phonics. Of course,
Rocket Phonics is
completely satisfaction guaranteed. And now
Rocket Phonics is
even a better value than ever, too:
Each Rocket Phonics kit comes with:
    • 2 big Rocket Phonics readers
    • Two sets of Play & Read symbol cards
    • Bingo chips
    • Rocket Peeker
    • Bingo sheets and Word lists for testing
    • New! Big-movement games for preschoolers
    • and active learners -- and bonuses, below

As a special gift with your purchase you will
receive three
free bonuses valued at over $100
Free Bonus Gift #1: Free 28 bonus gifts:
With your purchase,
you’ll receive by email free
each week for 28 weeks a bonus gift to
your kit. New! Now
included: Spelling Strategy
multi-sensory, developed by spelling specialists,
and nearly foolproof!
Also, 12 Writing
Lessons, perfect for kindergarten or first grade.
You and your child
will be thrilled with each
week’s additional stories, riddles, games, beginning
reading tips and
more. There's extra
practice for each grade level! ($69.95 value)
Free Bonus Gift #2: Two Rocket Phonics
Treasure Hunts
: The
rhyming clues are
written both with and without Rocket Phonics’
unique helpers, so very
early readers can
read beyond their grade levels to figure out
clues and find the treasure.
Your children will
love these. Prizes, such as sticky hands, kazoos,
etc., are all included
and ready for fun.
($16.95 value)
Free Bonus Gift #3: Rocket Phonics Word-Find
Treasure Hunt
and the Rocket
Phonics Phrase Game: Your child will delight
in finding and reading
one word or phrase at
a time with these games emailed to you.
($19.95 value)
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