Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tales From Terrestria by Ed Dunlap

As part of the TOS homeschool crew I received two books from Ed Dunlap Ministries, The Tales From Terrestria book 1:  Quest For Thunder Mountain and book 4: The Isle of Dragons  to review.

Ed Dunlap is an evangelist, who has written many books to reach out to children.
His latest set of books are fast paced, exciting and entertaining. They contain no magic or wizardry, making them an excellent alternative to popular, secular books of today. Yet, they also contain an important message.

Here is what the web site says:
Book One – The Quest for Thunder Mountain  (203 pages)
A dangerous quest to a mysterious mountain—but how will it end?...When Gavin’s career comes to an  
abrupt end, the talented young minstrel learns that King Emmanuel has plans for him—plans that promise life and purpose. But Gavin must make a difficult journey to a mysterious mountain.

The young minstrel eagerly starts on his quest with three companions, but the travelers are warned that Thunder Mountain is a place of terror and treachery. Will Gavin and his friends find Emmanuel’s will on the mountain, or are they walking into a trap?

The Quest for Thunder Mountain, written to show the wonder of doing the will of God, is the first book in the new young adult allegory series Tales from Terrestria, a companion series to the Terrestria Chronicles.

Book Four – The Isle of Dragons    (201 pages)
The Dragon Tournament—a mysterious event that draws young people by the thousands. Admission is free, but what price do the... 
participants really pay?

When sixteen-year-old Joel of Seawell, the son of a peasant fisherman, receives an invitation to the Tournament he is thrilled beyond words. Too late he learns the terrifying secret of the Isle of Dragons.

Captive in a hostile land, Joel gives up all hope, certain he will never again see his home or experience the happy life he once knew. 

In his despair, he has overlooked a powerful force—the unconditional love of his father

 Peer pressure—a powerful force for evil. Parental love—a powerful force for good. The Isle of Dragons—a powerful book to encourage young people to listen to the right voices.

We really enjoyed these books as our read a loud!  The kids would beg me to keep reading! I highly recommend these books.

There are 3 books out in this series (you do NOT have to read them in order) of the seven planned.  Each book is $7.99 or 3 for $19.99

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ally enjoyed these

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