Friday, June 5, 2009

Addicted to The Search

I love planning. I love the thought of organization. Together the two of these could be a problem for me as I can spend so much time thinking about them , researching and never really coming to a point of implementing anything! I absolutely love the challenge of finding just the right curriculum and just the "thing" that will make my life know THE chore chart that will have the kids wanting to do chores :) or THE file system that keeps everything in perfect order for latter finding whatever it is without a hassle... yep I am addicted to the search!
So every day I must remind myself that though I make all these plans, they are just that MINE, and Gods plans are not always MINE. I must keep ever before me the ultimate purpose , the reason we have chosen to homeschool all the blessings the Father God has given us. Because He was the one who lead us on this path and He is the one equipping us, not me and my plans. Not that God does not want me organized, nor should i go into my year of school UNplanned, I just need to remember where it is He has lead me and not try to continually reinvent , redo or add onto what is already do

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