Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Homeschool Planner Review

The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner
Published by: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Cost $39
I have dreamed of getting this planner, I mean think about this I love to plan and organize- I am always looking for THAT perfect planner. I have considered ,OK maybe even drooled over the old schoolhouse planner so many times, but the price just seemed a bit much… WELL let me say that after spending several hours going through this huge resource of 375 pages ( yes that is not a typo), I wish I had gotten this last year, it is worth every penny!
So why?
Let’s start with the monthly modules. Each module has a two page monthly calendar, a mini theme overview and links to more resources to dig deeper. With themes like: The Basics of Getting into College ( May) or Lapbooking a Creative Road to Retention (April). Oh and recipes that sound so good I can’t wait to try some.
Then there are pages of miscellaneous educational information, like conversion cheat sheet, the U.S. presidents list, famous artists, and so much more—all those lists that you usually need at some point but don’t have the time to go searching.
Next comes the homeschool forms. There are planning sheets, evaluations, transcripts, grading sheets, tracking logs, and so much more. This is very complete and will have me organized for our new school year better than ever. I loved the daily and weekly schedules, they are set up for 2 children to 5 children. There is even preschool activities forms so I can purpose my learning fun with even my youngest.
Next and yes there is more!
Household forms…have you ever wanted to gather all those home and family related things together, you know, remember someones birthday or what about all the projects you have or dream of doing? There are forms. Menu's, grocery lists, chores, prayer journal…as you can see there is an eclectic list of forms that will get your household planner put together and yo u will have it all in one place. I am going to call it my “brain”
Everything I need or want to remember, or plan to let my home life run a bit smoother and yes more organizedJ
Anther resource that complements the planner is the monthly modules these are filled with information, and facts for studying a mini unit in depth each month. Each monthly module has a different theme. They are available as a monthly membership for $ 71.55 or individual months for $ 7.95.
I am so happy with my planner, this is a resource that will be used over and over all year long.
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