Thursday, October 1, 2009

Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services

I was given 4 products to review from Educational Prescriptive Services.
1. Roots and Fruits
2. Write With The Best Volume 1
3. Write With The Best Volume 2
4. The Complete Career, College, and High School guide For Homeschoolers

Roots and Fruits:
This is a vocabulary curriculum for K-12, where you learn latin and greek roots. This is the most comprehensive program I have seen with 673 roots and 1,716 vocabulary words to go along with the roots.
The program is easy to teach. Your students will learn 2 (or more for the older kids) roots and their vocabulary words a week, by finding the definitions and writing sentences. Activities and games help to reinforce the learning.
you can look at samples here
Roots and fruits is available as an E-book download or in print form for $14.98-19.98
The E-book is on sale right now for $11.25

Write With The Best Volumes 1 & 2:

This is a creative writing program that uses great literary works as a model to teach the basics in writing. How better to teach writing than to study great writers that have stood the test of time. Some of the authors you will study are Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, and William Wadsworth.
Write With The Best does interweave some grammar within the context of writing, and covers topics such as writing a descriptive paragraph, dialogue, writing a short story, writing a fable and more.
Daily lessons are written to be done 5 times a week with about 45 minutes per lesson. The objective is not to rush through this program but to gain mastery in each skill before moving on to the next genre. This is a family centered program so everyone is on the same lesson but you grade and expectations are based on their abilities
Once volume 1 has been finished you move onto volume 2, which has more advanced instructions. To see a sample please click here
Volume 1 $ 14.95 on sale right now
Volume 2 $ 18.65 on sale right now

The Complete Career, College and High School guide For Homeschoolers

This is a guide that will help get your kids ready for a career. Their are 4 assessments to help you and your child figure out what type of career your child would best fit into. This guide is easy to use and loaded with so much information. I really appreciated the way that the material was broken down into easy to follow steps.
Some of the topics covered are:
ACT/SAT Preparation
high School planning
Jobs in most demand
Exploring career choices
To see a sample please click here

This guide sells for E-book $26.20 on sale right now
Soft cover book $39.95

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