Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing

Guardian Angels Publishing is a company that publishes both print books and e-books (and their books are also available on CD). They have picture books, early readers, easy readers, storybooks, and chapter books for children ages 0-12. I received 4 books from them to review.

The Sums Of Our Parts: No Bones About It
By: Bill Park
This book about our 206 bones is written in a rhyme to help kids memorize the bones of the body. The rhyme is really 'catchy" and my kids all enjoyed this one. The older kids loved the "factoids" the boxes on the page with bone information, they really learned a lot and the phrase was heard throughout the house "did you know......" for many days.

E-book download: $5.00
E-bookCD: $9.95
print book: $10.95

by: Susan J Berger

This book is a science one also based on information about earthquakes and how they affect us and how to be safe during a quake. There is also information on how to be prepared for an earthquake emergency. My kids loved the information that was both simple and advanced so they all came away learning. They especially loved the project that had them prepare "pockets" for their beds to keep a flashlight, slippers etc, in case of an earthquake.

E-book download $5.00
E-book CD: $9.95
Print Book: $11.95

By: Kim Chatel

In this book Genevieve the shepherdess talks with a pale rainbow in this imaginative story. The pale rainbow is sad and Genevieve knows that if she makes the rainbow happy his colors will be bright again. She does such a good job the rainbow laughs till he cries colored tears onto her sheep!
This is a cute book illustrated with fiber art pictures. At the end of the book is a mini lesson on fiber arts and a project for making felted sheep. My little girls are on the lookout for the materials for this project :)

E-book: $5.00
E-book CD: $9.95
Print Book: $10.95
Book DVD: $9.95

By: Mary Jean Kelso

This book is one of 3 Andy books about a young boy in a wheelchair and his horse Spirit. In this book Andy shows Spirit at the state fair 4H show. He overcomes nerves and a few of the jeers from kids who are not very nice. This is a great book to share with children to show them that others in wheelchairs are the same as they are!
The end of this book has extra information on how the US manages wild horses, and information on 4H clubs.
My little ones had lots of questions about why Andy was in a wheelchair and this book brought about many good discussions.

E-book download: $5.00
E-book CD: $9.95
Print Book: $10.95
DVD Book: Coming Soon! $9.95

A portion of the proceeds from this book are donated to Healing Reins of Bend, OR.
www.healingreins.org , a non-profit organization,
and Horseplay of Fernley, NV.

Guardian Angel Publishing has many more books like these, to check them out at their web site here.

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