Sunday, March 7, 2010

Graphics Toolbox

Graphics Toolbox is a professional graphics program, that as part of the TOS crew I received for review.
This software program has so many wonderful uses the more I learned the more excited I became! Let me back up though, as anyone who knows me I am not a "software" person I am easily confounded by anything "computer" and please do not take me out of my comfort zone of what little I know!!! Well Graphics Toolbox did just that! I downloaded it, OK my wonderful husband did that. I stared at it and promptly downloaded and printed the Manuel, which is 80 pages of excellent explanations. I then started playing around and learned some of the amazing capabilities of this program.  I am so excited at the potential that this program has for school, the kids are creating a poster for their Ancient Egypt studies, and I already have ideas for their Chemistry and Language arts!! The children learned this program very easily and they are already "playing" just for fun with this.
I also am excited to use this with my scrap-booking, but have not yet had the time to play with my favorite hobby, as soon as I can I will post some my completed projects.
To see all the features that this program has to offer, click on this page , you will be amazed at all this program has to offer.
Here is the page of education Ideas.
Graphics Toolbox also offers several tutorials to help you get started

So, to wrap it up, Graphics Toolbox  is a software program that allows you to create or enhance any kind of image. With over 20 years of experience, a team of graphics programmers wanted to create a program that was easy to use and understand. The product they designed can be used by a wide range of individuals – home-schoolers, students, teachers, and business people. There are many ways to use the software, scrap-booking, blog graphics, card making, and enhancing or editing photos are just a few uses.

A 30-day free trial download is available. If Graphics-Toolbox sounds like it might fit your needs. A single license costs $149, and multiple license discounts are available. Make sure to check the system requirements before downloading this product.

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