Monday, March 22, 2010

R. E. A. L. Science Odyssey: Chemistry Level 1

My kids have wanted to do chemistry all year, they thought it would be all about mixing "potions" and blowing things up!! So we were all happy and excited when as part of the TOS crew I received R. E. A. L. Science Odyssey: Chemistry level 1 from Pandia Press for review.

What is R. E. A. L. Science Odyssey? R. E. A. L. stands for Read* Explore* Absorb* Learn and that is exactly what this curriculum is all about!

There are 7 units in this 400+ page book that will cover topics like:
What is Chemistry?
The Periodic Table of Elements
                                                                 Chemical Reactions

Each lesson begins with a poem that introduces the lessons vocabulary, then the lesson which is given in a fun story like presentation that introduces the chosen topic, there are then the hands on activities/labs that reinforce the topic for the children. Along with the experiments/activities are worksheets that help the children to fallow and lean well what is being taught.

The beginning of the book gives an outline of the main topics and subtopics, lists of recommended supplemental reading books, and a list of supplies and needed material for each unit. The back of the book has answers to the crossword puzzles, vocabulary words with definitions (glossary) and a chart of the Periodic Table of Elements.

This is truly a very engaging study of chemistry and a great foundation. I love that this program makes chemistry available to the younger children grades 2-5 (my 14 old loved it too), AND made even the tricky subject of chemistry make perfect sense to them.
I like that there is very little preparation time, copy the lesson and worksheets for each child and gather supplies.... have fun.

I love it....My kids are loving it...they understand it----- that makes a great combination

If you are interested in this chemistry program or the other 2 available Life or Earth and Space you can browse the try it before you buy feature HERE.

The E-book version can be purchased at Pandia Press for $ 38.99

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