Thursday, May 7, 2009


We are coming back from the world of sickness and as you might expect sickness can hit one of two ways here, either all of us at once or as I like to say, a slow meandering train, When one gets sick then when that one is almost well the next one gets "picked up" for the sickness train. :) Well these last few weeks the train has been rolling through the house! then as the last child was finally better the train decided to speed up and run Mom over! I was down hard for two days leaving 10 kids to "run" the house and take care of each other. Today I woke up feeling much better and took survey of my house and kids. The kids thriving and happy, the house well its still standing. The crafts supply cupboard is all over the house BUT I have beautiful cards. the dishes are done and put away, we wont mention the floor but I really do have LIGHT colored tiles most days! As I stood in the center of the house I smiled as I thought yes the house needs some cleaning the laundry mountain is high, but my blessing: the kids took care of each other they took care of me and I remember to look to the goal and not at the circumstances right now. Yes I am blessed.

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