Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Fall Harvest: Where is The Fruit?

I have been going through a time of reflection, a time of changes. As I ponder this season of my life with 5 grown children and 3 teens, 3 elementary age and 2 preschoolers I wonder what I have done right and what I have done wrong, what should we continue and what needs to be different. My heart longs to see all my children walking with the Lord and to see fruit in their lives. This second WeE- book: The Fall Harvest: Where is The Fruit? by Deborah Wuehler left me feeling like I had just had a wonderful conversation with someone who understood my desires to see that harvest of God's goodness in my children's lives. She talks of this through the example of a garden, of soil preparation and watering. Deborah gives some wonderful thoughtful steps on how to prepare and water the soil of our children's hearts. This little booklet has reminded me that I need to be consistent in planting the seeds of God's love and goodness in these little ( and not so little) lives still at home. She reminds us to not let busyness -laziness keep us from an intentional deliberate plan to soak our children in the wont happen by accident!

This e-booklet is a wonderful reminder to all Mothers of HOW to be purposeful in our training. This E-book will be joining the Time Flies While History is Written booklet on my night stand :)

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