Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Flies

Today I am supposed to be planning...planning our school for next year, planning our schedules and chores. Instead I have been reading some E-books that I downloaded from The Old Schoolhouse Store. WOW! I have to say these books are EXACTLY what I needed! The First one a WeE book: Time Flies While History is Written by Deborah Wuehler. Time does fly NOW, now that the kids are older, now that I can look back on a "past" for our family, now that I am 50. In the beginning when the older ones were all under 10 the workload was all consuming I was not as purposeful in my direction. I want more for my younger ones. Like Deborah says, "I want my history to be better than my firstborn son's history. I want my children to remember a joyful mother of children and not a tired, worn-out nag" I so want this! This little booklet has helped me see how I can "start over" with purpose to rewrite our history, by recognizing my sins and move from failure to victory. As Deborah says, "since time really does march on and today turns into yesterday faster than we can keep up, we really should be making our priority one of knowing the word of the Lord." I agree with Deborah and she has written a powerful booklet that reminds us of the larger story- His Story. This booklet is a must read for all of us Mothers from those just starting families to us "older" Moms still writing our history with the younger blessings the Lord has given us. This E-book is on my night stand to re-read

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