Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ACT Advantage Discover program

I received as a member of the CREW a gift from ACT Advantage their Discover Program To Review.
The Act Advantage Discover Program is:

A career planning system developed for professional career counselors and used by millions of students to develop a comprehensive career path.

DISCOVER is jam packed with career tips and uses a proven developmental guidance process to help students:

  • Assess interests, abilities and job values.
  • Explore occupations, majors and schools.
  • Build an education plan that relates to career plans.
  • Improve job-seeking skills and develop a resume

I used this on my oldest daughter 17, we were rather curious as to how this would work because she has felt the Lord telling her to remain under the cover of her Father till she is called into a mission Field, her hearts desire. So she started with the assessments, then she looked into the careers that came up as high interest for her. It revealed what we would have guessed at and some that were not at all "her" idea of interesting.

This program has so much information contained within it, everything from a "birds eye" view of finding a career down to the details of resume writing! It can be daunting at first few looks but they have all the help/guides you need to focus and find out about the career choices available, what each one will take education wise and the colleges to choose from!

My daughter had fun seeing what careers this program thought she was suited for, but in most cases it was far from her personal interests. Unfortunately this software and company are secular and there was little there that was faith-based career wise. We also believe that GOD has a plan for our lives and that he is leading and directing her steps even in a "career" choice she only needs to listen and follow Him.
ACT Advantage Discover is a helpful resource but it is not the only thing we would rely on.

Act Advantage Discover: Price: $19.95 for a three-month license, $24.95 for a six-month license.

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