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Professr In A Box...Financial Accounting

Learn financial accounting in 4 easy steps!

Watch the lectures
Complete the homework problems
Check the solutions
Take the exam

Professor in a Box, Financial Accounting by Michael P. Licata, Ph.D is the first accounting course for high School homeschoolers.

"Any homeschool high school student interested in a career in business or in someday owning their own business will benefit from this course.

All course content is incorporated into the lecture slides for each chapter. There is no textbook and no 40 page chapters to read. The course is comprised of 12 chapters which are covered in 28 lessons (including exams) and can be taken in either a semester format or over an entire academic year. Each chapter’s lectures include a discussion of important concepts and demonstration problems featuring step by step illustrations of how to work through the various types of accounting problems covered.

Course Objectives
The objective of Financial Accounting by Michael P. Licata, Ph.D. is to introduce students to the study of accounting which is known as the language of business. The main purpose of financial accounting is to measure and report the performance of a business to interested parties both outside and inside of the business. These interested parties use accounting information to make a variety of decisions such as:

  • Investors - Deciding whether to purchase or sell a company’s stock.
  • Bankers - Deciding whether to lend money to a business.
  • Managers – Making day-to-day business decisions such as whether to increase inventory levels, or to spend more on advertising.
  • Students will learn to prepare and interpret the four basic financial statements - income statement, balance sheet, statement of owners’ equity and statement of cash flows. See below for detailed Learning Objectives by Chapter.
  • Any homeschool high school student interested in a career in business or in someday owning their own business will benefit from this course."
I received this course free to review for the Homeschool Crew.

This course is a kit with 4CD's, a syllabus, pencil, calculator and a list of course contents.
Professor in A Box is designed primarily for high school students who have a basic math understanding, and an interest in learning accounting.
The lectures are a slide presentation given by Michael, who has a pleasant voice. These presentations are clear and understandable. They are lectures and we did get bored, and interest wondered, we solved this with note taking to keep us on task...after all this is what will be done in college! :)
Now I am no math wizard, or even into accounting, but in my opinion Professor in a Box is a REALLY GOOD course!
After you complete this course you can choose to take the CLEP test, and if your student passes they will have 3 college level credits!

To view a sample chapter click HERE
To view the lesson plan go HERE

Professor in A Boxis currently on sale ( as of 11/29/09) for $134.99, regularly $149.99. Free Shipping!

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