Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bright Ideas Press

I love science and music they are probably my most favorite subjects, but teaching them has been really difficult for me....that is until now!!! I received as a gift from BRIGHT IDEAS PRESS, Christian Kids Explore Biology and A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers to review.

Christian Kids Explore Biology is user friendly, hands-on, elementary science curriculum, that includes all the kids 3-6th grade to study together and with a bit of adjusting you could even include the younger ones. The teaching lessons are done in a conversational style that is engaging and interesting to the children. All you need to teach is in this book. The lesson, which has beautiful coloring pages, are not simple coloring pages but beautiful works of art! Also included are review sheets, writing assignments, vocabulary lists, memorization lists, supplemental book lists and at the beginning of every unit a materials list of all you'll need to do your hands-on projects. Plus many more in the appendix.

We are really loving this biology program. First it is truly Christian and the kids are learning about God's world from a biblical worldview. There are 35 weekly lessons with teaching two times per week. We spend the first day teaching the lesson and doing any of the "Discovery Zone" which are little extra ideas or thoughts to help the kids understand the topic, I then would suggest some of the books from the supplemental resource list for our library trip or any we had at home. There is an included daily reading sheet that the children fill out as they read and research on their own. For my little girls 8 and 10, the year long Animal Kingdom Book that they are making is the highlight so far! For me its that they are LOVING biology so much that they beg me to do it DAILY!!!!!

If you would like to see a sample week click HERE
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Christian Kids Explore Biology book: $34.95

We are also using A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers.

A User-Friendly, One-Year Curriculum for Grades 4–8

Christian, Creative, Chronological

Why take the time to “Crack the Code” of Classical Music?
• Music is from the Lord. He created it, and He created us with the ability to both make and appreciate music.
• “Classical” music is uniquely part of our Western civilization.
• Research suggests that both listening to and playing classical music aids brain development.
• Even rudimentary exposure increases one’s level of enjoyment and understanding.

This course provides a close-up look at famous composers, their music, and their times, with special attention to character traits and Christian testimony (or lack thereof). Even the musically challenged will enjoy this course! It’s perfect for grades 4–8 but is easily adaptable for younger and older students. Minimal teacher prep will return maximum enjoyment!

• 32 Weekly Lessons
• 26 Bios of Famous Composers
• 6 Eras of Music Explained
• Easy-to-Use Comparative Timeline
• Easy-to-Use Maps
• Composer Info-Cards & Game Directions
• Note-taking Pages
• Quizzes
• Answer Keys
• Listening Suggestions
• Intricate Coloring Pages
• Resource Books

I love music it is a big part of our lives, but I know very little "about" music and especially the composers of classical music this book is awesome! We started in Ancient music and music in the Renaissance , then moved on to cover the Baroque Period. As we study our composers we are creating a Folderbook as suggested in the introduction, this is a great hands-on project that allows the kids to keep 'track" of their work, and have a convenient review of what they are learning! The kids love creating their composer info cards (kind of a composer trading card) . The lessons are meant to be taught on day 1 which utilizes a selection of the composers music (there are selections suggested) then through the rest of the week we listen to these selections of music and work on our cards, maps and folderbook. This is a very easy to follow curriculum, and we are learning so much. Again I have to say this is a real hit with us and we will continue to follow the rest of the musical periods.

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Paperback book: $34.95
CD-Rom book: $29.95

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