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Eclectic Education Series

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew I received the Eclectic Education Series from Dollar Homeschool.

The Eclectic Education Series (EES) is a set of textbooks which from roughly 1865 to 1915 WAS education in the United States, almost exclusively. They were the standard textbooks in many states and were chosen independently by over 10,000 school boards as their standard textbooks.
 The EES covered every topic. Some of the series are still household names almost a hundred years after they ceased being used. These include McGuffey's Readers and Ray's Arithmetics. There were many other extraordinary series in the EES such as Pinneo's Grammars, Thalheimer's Histories and Norton's Sciences that were used by countless students. (from

this Cd includes:

Ray’s Arithmetic
  • Ray’s Primary Arithmetic.
  • Ray’s Intellectual Arithmetic
  • Ray’s New Elementary Arithmetic 192 pages. /Rudimentary Arithmetic.
  • Ray’s New Practical Arithmetic
  • Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic
  • Ray’s New Elementary Algebra
  • Ray’s New Higher Algebra
  • Ray’s Treatise on Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Ray’s Analytic Geometry
  • Ray’s Differential and Integral Calculus
  • Thalheimer’s Histories
  • Cromwell
  • Progressive Course in Reading
  • Cyclopedia
  • Andrews Constitution
  • American Poems
  • Rhetorical Reading
  • Good Morals and Gentle Manners
  • Norton’s Elements of Chemistry
  • Norton’s Elements of Natural Philosophy.
  • Norton’s Elements of Physics
  • Ray’s Elements of Astronomy
  • Ray’s Surveying and Navigation
  • Complete Book Keeping
  • Schuyler’s Principles of Logic
  • Introduction to Botany
  • Nature Study
  • First Year Science
  • Political Economy
  • Simplified Industrial Mechanics
  • Guide to Health
McGuffey’s Readers
The Grammar Series
  • Long’s Language
  • Pinneo’s Grammar
  • Harvey’s Grammar

While nearly all of these E-books are available free online, what Dollar Homeschool has done is save  hours of searching to collect these books. I would not have known where to begin finding even what books are in each series, so this is a big time saver. You can print pages as needed, or work from your computer.


 The amount of material here is HUGE And is years and years of school work Kindergarten through high school! For A $159 you are getting your family an education that

A hundred million students in one-room schoolhouses got, a first-rate educations using this Eclectic Education series - and went on to build and shape America. 

So, how have we used these?  To be honest, I’m still wrapping my brain around  how I will use these.  Although I love the concept of the one-room schoolhouse and many of the methods they employed, much of the content is dated. Grammar rules have changed in the last century, and scientific discoveries have also advanced since these textbooks were written.
A few concerns: The illustrations in many of the books, so classic and well drawn in the print editions, come through blurry and smeared.  This is not only an aesthetic problem, but many of the exercises refer you to a picture that is impossible to interpret. happening.  In addition, all have been scanned in black and white, and many of the primary materials refer to shapes by their colors. My twins could not use these because of this.

Though all the textbooks for a kindergarten through high school education are gathered into one place, which does save you Time from finding all these resources it would be far to time consuming for me to implement this method of education with all of my 8 children.

Though my children enjoyed the McGuffey readers, we do prefer a more living books and unit study approach in our homeschool.
 The Eclectic Education series is a great Resource, but not a main curriculum for us.

If you are looking for the Classic Textbook approach in your homeschool I would definitely recommend this series

The Eclectic Education Series sells for $159 At Dollar Homeschool

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