Monday, February 15, 2010

The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling

 I love books, I collect books......I am a bookaholic!!!  One of my favorite subjects to read and collect  are books on homeschooling. I love to "see" other peoples insights into this adventure of homeschooling.  we can always learn from others and I was very excited to receive as part of the TOS Homeschool CREW,  Debra Bell's book: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, from Apologia Press. Yes Apologia Press, for those who recognize the name Apologia you are probably thinking Science (Exploring Creation with....Series)
This past year, Apologia Educational Ministries has undergone some changes and has added some new features to their ministry.  One new addition is the Apologia Academy, which offers online classes for your students in the areas of Bible, Apologetics, and Worldview.  Apologia Press offers curriculum and parent resources.

This is a very large book with over 500 pages!

Look what's inside:
Foreword by Michael Farris
Tips to use this book
Part 1: Homeschooling: Is it for You?
Part 2: Choosing a Curriculm
Part 3: Organization and Planning
Part 4: Preventing Burnout
Part 5: What to Teach—When and How
Part 6: Homeschooling Teens
Part 7: Computers in the Homeschool
Part 8: Creative Solutions
Part 9: Measuring Your Success
Pre-Game Pep Talk
Part 10: Resource Guide
Contact Author

This book is not just for those who are new to homeschooling, We have been doing this 20+ years and I loved this book!  Burnout Busters, Part 4 was a great reminder and insight of a few things that can be "forgotten"  or overlooked as we are in our day to day teaching mode.

This book is on of the 100 Top Picks for HomeSchool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy. And has a foreword by Michael Farris, Founder of the HSLDA foundation. –So, you know it’s a reliable source. This much valuable information in one book, for $20.00—I’d say it’s a good deal. What is great is that you can read this book cover-to-cover or select by topic (e.g. Part 2: Choosing a Curriculum or like Part 4: Preventing Burnout). 
Resource guide alone is superb!

While this book contains a lot of information about homeschooling, I don’t think that it should be treated as  “The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling”.  It is a compilation of one persons ideas, thoughts, experiences and suggestions.  Many of her perspectives and ideas are good and helpful, but each family has their own set of goals and values.  That is the beauty of homeschooling, each family striving to follow God in the manner and way that He has called them.
The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling by Debra Bell sells for $20 @ Apologia Press

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