Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ideal Curriculum

As a part of the TOS Crew I was given an opportunity to review some items from Ideal Curriculum. Ideal Curriculum is a preschool curriculum.  We are just ending our preschool time with our 5 year old twins, so this was timely.

I received the month 1 kit which has a theme of transportation. Each monthly kit contains literacy lessons (letters, sounds, phonological awareness, sight words), science and social studies themes, math lessons and calendar lessons. With each kit you get teacher's manuals (one each for literacy, math, and the science/social studies themes).  Each teachers manual is 20-50 pages long and that is only for one month of lessons.   You also get weekly schedules that have lessons.  Each lesson has direct teaching ideas and "practicing through the day" ideas.  There are also instructions on which workbook pages to do for each lesson. You also receive print and music files.  The print files have the worksheets and any pictures or charts you need to teach. The music files have the songs that go along with the lessons.
I see Ideal Curriculum being a good fit for someone who wants something simple that is all laid out for them. It could be a good starting place for beginning homeschoolers.. All activities are designed for classrooms. Although I was able to use and adapt a few activities for my two  this was not something which fit well with our normal homeschooling philosophy–which tends to be literature rich.
The price is quite high for material at this level, especially if you purchase the print option.
This curriculum is published as month-long all inclusive kits.  Customers may choose from either electronically downloadable or monthly print versions in the following formats: $30 for a monthly unit in download format
$55 for a monthly printed unit
$526 for one year’s curriculum

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