Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lobster Network

LobsterNetwork is a new web application that helps you share your stuff safely and securely. The hope of the creators is that it will help to create community amongst friends and strangers. Besides making it easy to lend and borrow things to/from other people, you can also use it to log and track your own stuff for purely personal use.

Lend it. Borrow it. Trade it. Sell it. Give it away.
All with the click of a button and only with whom you choose.
How LobsterNetwork works:
It's simple. Create a personal library of your stuff.
It's easy. Create friendships with the people you know.
It's fast. Browse your friend’s stuff and request to borrow something.
It's flexible. Approve or reject any request for your stuff.
It's controlled. Decide who sees your stuff. Even create "communities" of friends that only share stuff with each other.
It's helpful. It tracks your stuff on loan and automatically reminds your friends when to return your stuff.
It's secure. Keep a private inventory of your stuff online for insurance purposes. Include pictures too.
It's free. Best of all it's free.

For a video introduction check  it out HERE

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